Packing List Envelopes

Packing List Envelopes

A packing list envelope comes with a clear adhesive backing so it can be stuck to a box or a bigger envelope. This provides you with a special place to stick your packing list or invoice. A packing list shows everything that’s included in the package. An invoice summarizes the cost of each item and the total price for the package. Some sellers include both with their shipments, but regardless of what you would like to do, a packing list envelope from Paper Mart will keep your important documents safe until they reach their destination.

Packing list envelopes are ideal for:
  • Sticking onto boxes or envelopes of any size
  • Business owners who sell online and ship products to customers
  • Those who want to ensure customers receive a packing slip or invoice
  • Helping your business come across professional and courteous

Being Thorough: A Packing List Envelope Equals Happy Customers

Most customers expect to receive an invoice or packing list with their order. Some sellers choose to simply fold a piece of paper and stick it in the box, but if you do this, there’s a chance that it might get lost. This is especially true if the order contains something fragile and you need foam peanuts or some other protective material that might prevent the customer from seeing the slip. With packing list envelopes, your invoices will stay organized, and your customers will remain happy.

If you have any questions about our packing list and invoice envelopes, which come with or without labels, please contact the team at Paper Mart today.