PET And P.P. Boxes

PET And P.P. Boxes

The collection at Paper Mart includes several varieties of PET plastic containers and P.P. boxes to choose from. These boxes offer many uses for both commercial and personal applications, thanks to their durability. Many of the options are suitable for food packaging, making them ideal for restaurant owners, caterers, and personal chefs. They’re also perfect for organizing small items around the home, preparing weekly meals for your family, or packaging gifts. The possibilities are endless with these great containers!

Our collection of PET plastic containers and P.P. boxes includes:
  • Purse and handbag boxes
  • Wire-handle boxes
  • Cake, cupcake, and candy boxes
  • Boxes made from clear, frosted, or patterned plastic
  • Divided plastic boxes
  • Clear PET or polypropylene boxes

Clear PET Plastic Containers: Ideal for Restaurant Take-Out

If you run a restaurant that provides takeout orders, then you’ll want to stock up on clear plastic containers. The PET containers in our collection are made from heavy-wall PET plastic that is ideal for liquid food items. However, they can be used to store dry foods as well. We have a huge variety of sizes. Package a family order of soups and salads or portion out salsas and condiments for your patrons to take home. Keeping a big stock on hand will make sure you don’t run out during the dinner rush!

For more information about our great containers, please contact Paper Mart today. All of our items are in stock and ready to be shipped, and our devoted customer service team is more than happy to help.