Bring a touch of green into your home by incorporating preserved moss into your decor. Moss is easy to take care of and can be used in a variety of ways. An easy way to welcome the outdoors into your work or living space is with a small terrarium. Brighten up an area simply by adding moss, soil, rocks, and other small plants to a glass jar or vase.  


Moss is also great to use in centerpieces and can really make a table pop. Place moss inside a vase, or even a small flower pot, and then add flowers or candles to achieve a very pretty and rustic decor theme. You can also get even more creative and fashion letters or designs out of the moss itself for unique art pieces.

Decorative moss can also serve a practical purpose, as well. If you have potted plants around your home or in the office, putting moss over the soil will help it retain moisture for longer periods of time. Your indoor plants will be easier to maintain and even greener than usual!

Preserved moss still has its original soft texture, fresh appearance, and beautiful color. It is easy to use and makes little to no mess, also making it simple to clean up.