Misc. Boxes & Cartons

Wine Carry BoxTriangular Corner Pads
Wine Carry BoxTriangular Corner Pads
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Misc. Boxes & Cartons

Miscellaneous Boxes & Cartons

Protect your belongings and gifts during transportation and shipping with corrugated boxes and cartons. Corrugated cardboard is durable, sturdy, and makes moving items safely a breeze.

Keep your picture frames and artwork safe and avoid dings and scratches by using corrugated corners. Simply slip the triangular pieces over any corners and you’re set.

A nice bottle of wine makes a great gift and works for a variety of occasions. However, shipping your favorite bottles of wine to friends, family members, and clients can prove to be a difficult task. Put your mind at ease by shipping wine in one of Paper Mart’s corrugated wine boxes, which are not only practical, but stylish.

Choose from forest green or purple. Lay the bottle inside the box horizontally, secure the tab lock tuck top, and that’s it! No adhesives are necessary and your bottle will remain safe and secure during the shipping process. With their glossy finish, you can also skip the shipping and use these wine boxes to package gifts for those who live near you.

When you need to transport multiple bottles of wine at once, corrugated wine carriers are the answer. Paper Mart features boxes that can hold two, three, four, or six bottles of wine, making travel easier to parties and events.

Paper Mart is the go-to place for corrugated wine boxes and carriers, as well as corrugated corners.