Metal Frame Bamboo Trays

Metal Frame Bamboo Trays

Baskets that Make a Statement

Baskets are a great addition to any event. Whether you are using them to hand out party favors, or utilizing them as decorative pieces, the right basket can set a special tone. Paper Mart offers a large selection of baskets to give you plenty of options, but if you are looking for something truly eye catching, then we suggest choosing among our wire gift baskets for a unique look.

Durable and Creative

These stylized wire gift baskets are accentuated by small sections of sliced bamboo braided together. They are the perfect shape and height to build beautiful gift basket presentations.

These baskets are handmade with natural materials, meaning the variation in color and shape makes each one-of-a-kind. These decorative metal baskets are durable enough to carry heavy items, but still ideal to grace the tables at a celebratory event. Whether you opt for a simple oval basket or a rectangular-shaped basket, these sleek carriers will be popular wherever you take them.

Natural Material Baskets

Even though our wire gift baskets are made with a metal frame, they are still constructed with natural materials. At Paper Mart, we emphasize environmentally friendly products that are also ideal when it comes to both functionality and design. Our decorative metal baskets also feature a tapered bottom that provides the best possible presentation of your merchandise. Shop Paper Mart for your basket needs today!