Masking Tapes

Masking Tapes

Every business owner, homeowner, and craftmaker should have painters masking tape on hand. Masking tape, which is made from paper and designed to easily tear, is great for use in short-term projects. Masking tape is designed to leave no residue behind, making it ideal for a variety of uses.

It’s perfect for:
  • Quickly mending clothing, bags, toys, and other items in a pinch
  • Hanging up artwork or posters
  • Putting up décor, such as Christmas lights or garlands
  • Kids’ projects and crafts
  • Lining areas for painting
  • Creating quick and easy labels for food or material storage

Masking Tape: Manage Your Paint Project

Painters masking tape got its name because of how useful it can be for painting projects. The tape seals under pressure and remains in place until it is peeled off.  It comes off easily and leaves no residue behind. Use it to create complex artistic designs or simply cover a small area while doing a bit of touch-up work.

Create Quick Peel-off Labels with Painters Masking Tape

A label maker is great to have, but masking tape can be a worthy substitute when you need it. Just use scissors to cut the tape into small pieces, apply to your chosen surface, and then mark the label using an ink pen or marker. This is a great way to date food for storage in the freezer, keep track of your houseplant seedlings, or ensure that your child doesn’t lose his or her lunch box at school.