Mailing Tubes

Mailing Tubes

Here at Paper Mart, we have a huge selection of mailing tubes and tubes that accommodate all types of storage and display needs. We offer a truly unique selection of tubes, from mailing tubes to clear tubes with metal ends for display, or square folding tube boxes that make at-home storage easy to manage.

Mailing Tubes

Our mailing tubes are constructed in durable spiral wound chipboard, with the strength needed to withstand shipping and to keep items protected. These tubes can be used with plastic end seals, which fit snugly without any adhesive. Mailing tubes are constructed in standard shipping sizes but can also be customized if other dimensions are needed.

Boxes That Fold

Our selection of tubes goes beyond the circular. We also have 4-sided corrugated boxes that are made to fold around a poster or other item and keep it safe and secure. These boxes fold to make a safe, stable shape that is also convenient for stacking.

Our snap-seal tubes come in several different styles, and have a crimp end that seals easily with just a pinch. These tubes are durable and reusable, and work without end caps. Made of 100% recycled material, these tubes are a durable, earth friendly and cost effective solution to shipping and storage needs.

Decorative Ideas in Tubes

Though some of the tubes we offer at are purely practical, we also offer tubes that have decorative appeal. Our plastic tubes are seamless and crystal clear, and are capped at the ends with gold metal lids. These durable tubes are great for displaying colorful items like confections or rolled artwork.

Our paper cylinders are another attractive option that’s perfect for storage, gift giving or display. These containers are constructed in cardboard but have a luxurious embossed paper skin that gives these pieces a very elegant look. Available in purple, red or black, these good-looking storage tubes are lined in white, to offer a very upscale appeal.

Check out the range of choices in mailing tubes and other pieces for convenient storage and attractive display. It’s all here at