Wholesale Latex Party Balloons

Wholesale Latex Party Balloons

There is a reason that most parties are not considered the real deal until there are balloons involved: they add dimension and color to all corners of a room. Paper Mart’s selection of latex balloons will make sure that every party you attend, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or baby shower, will be festive and cheerful. Make it an occasion that you’ll never forget with coordinated decor, perfect colors, and all the right touches to make a lasting memory.

Opaque Latex Balloons For Outdoor Fun

Opaque latex balloons are perfect for outdoor use: their colors stand up to the brightest light and photograph terrifically. Paper Mart’s colored latex balloons come in over a dozen colors to match the decor scheme for any event. Great for picnics, pool parties, and outdoor weddings. Paper Mart’s affordable pricing makes it easy to mix and match several packages, so your options are endless!

Metallic Latex Balloons for a Refined Look

Colored latex balloons in metallic finishes and hues convey a very particular feel. Golds and silvers are refined, elegant, and subtle, yet celebratory. Combine metallic balloons with transparent or opaque balloons for a mixed assortment with just the right amount of contrast.

Sweet Pearlized Latex Balloons 

Pretty, soft, and sweet, pearlized latex balloons are a lovely choice for more formal occasions, like bridal showers, anniversaries, and weddings. Paper Mart’s pearlized colored latex balloons can stand alone or as accents for other colors and finishes—think pearly pink and transparent red as a Valentine’s Day pair, or mix and match a pearlized white with green for subtle Christmas cheer.

Transparent Latex Balloons for Every Occasion

Another classic, nostalgic choice when it comes to colored latex balloons? Transparent latex balloons are perhaps the most versatile balloon of all. These balloons are best for indoor use with electric light, and come in a variety of vibrant, bright colors.

Quality Colored Latex Balloons That Will Ship Today

Your order with Paper Mart will start processing as soon as it is placed, so you are sure to have it in time for your special party. With over 92 years of experience providing the best in party products, paper goods, and packaging supplies, we know quality and can guarantee that our inventory sets us apart from the rest.