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Industrial Shred | Shredded Paper

Industrial Shred


Shipping a package means sending your item on a risky journey; boxes and bags are prone to getting jostled many times between the moment you drop them off and their arrival. Paper Mart’s shredded paper filler will help you package your products more safely and efficiently, cutting the risk of damage and breakage. If you run a business that needs to regularly package and ship your products, you should invest in cushioning at wholesale costs with shredded paper filler from Paper Mart.

It’s important to tailor your paper filler to the task at hand, as each industrial shredded product offers its own benefits. Shredded newsprint, for instance, is perfect for irregularly shaped objects that need some heavy-duty protection, such as glass, dishware, and fragile items that need a little extra padding. It’s typically the most affordable option, as well.

Shredded tissue paper provides an attractive, display worthy packaging look with a little extra protection. Similarly, shredded wood excelsior paper offers unmatched support with a natural look and feel. These shredded paper fillers can also be used for decorative packaging that call for a little extra care, such as gift baskets with glass jars or breakables. Shredded paper filler is particularly well used for Easter baskets and for displays. For a variety of packaging needs at affordable prices, Paper Mart continues to be your complete source.