Gusseted Cello Bags

Premium Clear Gusseted Cello BagSuper Clear Gusseted Cello BagGusseted Cello Bag
Premium Clear Gusseted Cello BagSuper Clear Gusseted Cello BagGusseted Cello Bag
$0.06 - $0.177 Styles
$0.05 - $0.157 Styles
$0.01 - $0.1920 Styles

Gusseted Cello Bags

Simple and Decorative Bags

Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, simple is more effective at making an impression. That’s why Paper Mart has a range of gift packaging options that are both effortless to use and easy on the eyes. One of the most popular choices for simple gift wrapping is cellophane gift bags. Perfect for small gifts and party favors, these bags are a great choice for any special occasion and event.

Cellophane Bags For Sweets

Cellophane gift bags are perfect for holding sweets at parties. The durable bags can be filled with jelly beans, mints, and all other types of candy with ease. They can also be customized with ribbons, stickers, or embellishments to create a highly decorative gift bag to match your party’s theme—all at a fraction of the cost of pre-made gift bags!

Great for Quick Marketing

If you are a business owner or crafter, then our selection of cellophane gift bags can be a great marketing tool for you as well. Because of their crystal clear coating, customers can easily review the products before purchasing them. This familiarizes them as to what they can expect when they shop with you, and builds loyalty to your product. These bags are also great for advertising your items, as pieces will be highly visible by others while your customer is carrying their new goodies around. Use Plastic Bag Sealers to ensure your product stays air-tight and secure.