Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles

Boston round glass bottles are both immensely stylish and utterly practical at the same time. Paper Mart’s glass bottle selection offers high-quality products at a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere. If you’re seeking homemade style or are shopping with practicality in mind, you’ll want to consider Boston round glass bottles. They’re great for storing and vending liquids, oils, and even small pieces that have crafting and decorative applications.

Uses of Glass Bottles

Harkening back to that vintage apothecary bottle look and feel, these Boston round glass bottles are offered in many colors and sizes. Flint bottles are clear and would work wonderfully for both liquid storage or as decor, especially when filled with colored liquids. Try using them as bud vases for your most delicate bouquets for a sweet yet rustic touch.

Paper Mart’s amber bottles have the benefit of UV protection, which is more practical as it prevents sensitive liquids from being compromised by the sun’s rays. Many of our customers will use these bottles for design purposes, which is one reason why we sell screw caps separately. Be sure to purchase the proper black phenolic screw cap if you need them for your project or to prevent leakage and contamination. These bottles are very versatile; it’s up to you to find your favorite way to use them.