Bulk Shredded Paper Filler


Bulk Shredded Paper Filler

The right gift shred or basket filler elevates any package, taking an amateur gift basket or present and turning it into a professional-grade product. With Paper Mart’s selection of basket fillers and shreds, you’ll be able to achieve this instantly and inexpensively. We have 100+ basket filler products here, allowing you to find the best color to coordinate with your basket, package, or display. We carry many options for material and texture, as well; colorful matte tissue, vivid, sparkling metallics, and natural, rustic shredded wood excelsior are just a few of the diverse choices to make your basket spectacular.

Protects Contents

Filler isn’t only for baskets; it can be used to protect gifts in transit. Online retailers and crafters who sell at fairs might consider using gift shred as a fun and inexpensive alternative to other packaging products. Your customers will appreciate that you took an extra step to make their shipment look that much more lovely and they may even be able to reuse the basket filler for projects of their own!