Frosted Plastic Bags

Frosted Plastic Bags

If you’re searching for frosted bags for commercial or personal projects, you’ve come to the right place. Paper Mart is the most complete packaging store in the U.S., and we have a huge selection of frosted plastic bags for you to choose from.

Our frosted plastic bags:
  • Can be reused for a variety of applications, such as storing clothes or packing for trips
  • Make great gift bags for birthdays, weddings, and holidays
  • Offer a luxurious way to package retail items
  • Provide many of the benefits of paper bags but with additional strength
  • Are perfect for commercial or retail use

The Look of Luxury––Elevate Your Packaging with Frosted Bags

There’s something about the frosted look that elevates the appearance of the packaging. Whether you’re putting together the perfect birthday gift or looking for packaging that will be ideal for your retail business, frosted plastic is a great choice. Much like clear bags, the frosted variety allows for transparency. However, its thickness and slight opacity boasts a higher-quality product, which is ideal for businesses that are branding themselves as top shelf.

Frosted Bags: Give Your Customers Something They Can Reuse

Along with providing your customers products in a sturdy and easy-to-carry plastic bag, our frosted bags are also ideal for reusing. This essentially makes them a second gift on top of the products you sell. Not only is it convenient, but it is also environmentally sound. If you run a green boutique or restaurant, you can provide your customers with fun suggestions for how they can reuse or recycle your packaging products.