Food Wraps & Liners

Bakery Pick-Up TissueWhite Basket Liner Food WrapsPrinted Basket Liner Food WrapsColored Dry Wax Food Tissue Sheets
Bakery Pick-Up TissueWhite Basket Liner Food WrapsPrinted Basket Liner Food WrapsColored Dry Wax Food Tissue Sheets
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Plastic Food WrapWaxed Kraft Wrapping Papers
Plastic Food WrapWaxed Kraft Wrapping Papers
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Food Wraps & Liners

Baking and preparing delicious food can be fun, relaxing, and creative, but you’re not quite finished even when your oven timer goes off. Presentation is key to making mouth-watering baked goods and treats look even more appealing, and Paper Mart has all of the supplies you’ll need to make sure your carefully prepared delicacies look as good as they taste. Explore our array of food wrapping paper to add some serious professional polish to your home baked goods. 

Tissue and Liners to Show Off Your Baking Skills

If you’re taking the time to make a delicious treat at home, food wrapping paper should not be an afterthought. Elevate your presentation with Paper Mart’s selection of basket liners and food wraps. Classic white basket liners are simple but show that you care about presentation. They can also do double duty and be used as wrap for other hot foods like hot dogs and sandwiches. Printed basket liners are a little more celebratory and can fit a party’s theme or season, while solid colored food wrapping paper will subtly draw attention to your pastries and baked goods. Paper basket liners and food wrap are also one of the best solutions if you’re bringing any kind of snack or dessert to a party. Your hostess will be grateful that you’ve provided a serving solution that she can easily display along with the rest of the menu. 

Perfect Parties and Entertaining

Whether you’re hosting a more casual party or an upscale soiree, food wrapping paper can help make serving your guests a cinch. Common party snacks like chips, pretzels, and crackers will be instantly upgraded with the right tissue. Let your guests serve themselves from a buffet of snacks, rolls, and baked goods, or use baskets and festive food wrapping supplies to set out your cutlery. Paper Mart’s selection of food wrapping options also includes high quality cling wrap to keep food covered if you are eating outdoors and to help preserve any leftovers.

Wholesale Prices are Fantastic for Bakeries, Restaurants, and Businesses

If you’re a business looking to cut costs while still maintaining the quality of your supplies, Paper Mart’s food wrapping paper is the perfect solution. Our products come with a Lowest Price Guarantee, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best rates on your supplies. Best of all, all of our items in stock are ready to ship today, so you orders for food wrap, bakery pick-up tissue, and basket liners will process quickly and arrive as soon as possible so you’ll always be ready to serve your customers. If you’re a business, restaurant, caterer, or bakery, you’ll love having a dependable source for the best supplies on the market.