Food Trays & Plates

Colored Party Paper PlatesMolded Biodegradable Fiber PlatesFood TraysMolded Biodegradable Fiber Food Trays
Colored Party Paper PlatesMolded Biodegradable Fiber PlatesFood TraysMolded Biodegradable Fiber Food Trays
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$0.29 - $0.352 Styles
Mini Gold/Silver Plastic Trays
Mini Gold/Silver Plastic Trays
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Food Trays & Plates

From party planning and entertaining to everyday use in the home, food trays are sure to be one of the handiest serving tools out there. Paper Mart offers a versatile inventory of food serving trays and plates that will be sure to make your dining and entertaining plans and cleanup quick, easy, and fun. 

Biodegradable Trays and Plates Offer a Green Alternative

Food serving trays are the perfect product for getting meals on the table for multiple eaters. Whether you are having a large-scale event or hosting a children’s birthday party, throwing together a dinner for a few unexpected guests, or packaging leftovers to parse out after a big holiday meal, food trays will make your life much easier in terms of both prep and cleanup: not to mention, they can be a lot of fun for diners! Available with multiple compartments to keep your main dish and sides separate, these trays are sturdy and safe to put in the microwave, making them ideal for storing food and reheating. 

Paper Mart’s food tray and plate offerings include biodegradable items that are a green option, combining the convenience of traditional food serving trays with environmentally friendly principles. Because these trays and plates are made of molded and compressed sugarcane fiber, they are completely biodegradable and compostable. If you’re serving kids, you may even be inclined to offer them a bonus lesson in taking care of the environment once they are finished with their meals! 

Plastic Trays for Party-Ready Styling

On top of our traditional style food serving trays with various compartments, Paper Mart also offers plastic trays that combine the elegance of traditional serving options with the ease and flexibility of temporary trays. These mini trays, available in gold and silver, are lovely for parties and entertaining without the pain of washing all of the servingware that usually comes along with your hostess duties. These sweet trays are ideal for appetizers, small bites, desserts, and candy, and are incredibly charming when paired with some cellophane wrap and ribbon to offer a hostess gift or to transport a dish from home to a soiree. You’ll never want to go back to your metal and glass trays again!

Convenient Service and Quick Shipping

Paper Mart offers many tray sizes and shapes to choose from, all ready to ship to you today! Place your order quickly and easily online, and if you have questions just jump into a live chat with one of our helpful service representatives. We’ll take care of any and all of your packaging and serving needs to you can focus on planning for your party or event.