Foam Cushioning

Foam Cushioning

Packaging and shipping delicate items can be tricky, if not downright frightening, but Paper Mart makes it easy to package your most precious goods with foam cushions that protect your products or belongings from any turmoil they might encounter in transit to their next destination. Our variety of foam packaging options ensures that we have something for everyone and every possible shipping need.

Foam Cushions for Everything You Need to Ship

If you’re running a business, you’re sure to know that the internet allows customers all over the world to access your company and your products. That means you also have to be prepared to ship your products to all corners of the globe. Paper Mart offers a wide variety of foam cushions that will keep your items safe in transit, whether they are going down the block or halfway around the world. 

Our foam cushions are made out of a low-density polyethylene, which is a type of plastic that has been used for decades to safely swaddle shipments. These polyethylene cushions are composed of millions of air cells in the form of a blanket that is easy to cut, wrap, and bend according to your needs. They are non-abrasive, meaning they won’t knick or scratch any of your items and they do not contain any extra chemicals that might be noxious or harmful. They are packaged in rolls to make it easy for you and your staff to process shipments quickly and efficiently. 

Foam Cushioning Usage at Home

Businesses aren’t the only ones with uses for foam cushions: if you’re moving, you’ll want to make sure your belongings are safe and snug as you pack them up and prepare for your journey. Don’t roll the dice by packaging your precious possessions in newspaper and hoping for the best! At Paper Mart’s wholesale prices, you can use the same supplies and materials as the experts to treat your fragile belongings with the care they deserve. Foam cushioning can also be stored at home to safely wrap gifts and packages you send that need a little extra TLC. 

The Highest Quality at Wholesale Prices

Whatever quantity and density you need for your foam cushioning, Paper Mart is sure to be your best bet when it comes to both price and quantity. Our Product Satisfaction Guarantee offers the option to return any merchandise within thirty days of purchasing should you feel it doesn’t meet your needs, and our Lowest Price Guarantee assures you that we will beat the price of any national competitor. With over twenty four foam cushioning styles in stock, we’re here to help meet your packaging needs, whatever they may be.