Floral Wire

Floral Wire

Floral wire is one of our favorite tools for elevating a simple bunch of fresh flowers and greens to a gorgeous creation that looks like it came straight from the florist! Paper Mart offers over 60 varieties of wire for use in arrangements, wreaths, and other flower-related projects to ensure that your final result is pretty and polished. You’ll love being able to recreate the perfect, elegant pieces you see in the windows of florists and on the pages of magazines, all within your own home. 

Varieties of Wire to Suit Every Project

Floral wire from Paper Mart is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and gauges depending on how you plan to use it. Standard spools of wire come in a classic green color to blend in with your arrangement, rather than call attention to itself. Your friends and family will only notice your magnificent way with leaves, blooms, and greens and will come to think you’ve sprouted a green thumb overnight! Other options include wrapped wire or beaded wire, which consists of the same sturdy, dependable wire at its core, but is covered in decorative materials to add a little extra flair to your project. Paper Mart’s natural wrapped wire will create a rustic appeal, while beaded wire is a bright way to embellish your piece for a festive finish. Our beaded wire comes in several colors, so you are free to select whichever complements your planned pallette the most. 

Paper Mart also offers greening pins, which will offer more control when working with looser materials like moss, greenery, and flowers if you are looking to attach them to foam. These pins are extremely versatile and easy to work with, allowing you to remove them and place them somewhere else as you work. Using a ton of fresh flowers? Consider using stem wire or wired picks to help support your beautiful blossoms while adding strength and control to help your creation last longer. 

What You Can Create Using Floral Wire

The most common use for floral wire is, of course, for binding arrangements together to create centerpieces and bouquets, but this wire is surprisingly functional even when you’re not necessarily working with flowers. Make sturdy wreaths to hang on your front door or give as gifts to your family and friends. Our beaded wire and natural wrapped wire are also wonderful for crafts and as embellishments for packaging and presents. We’ve also seen floral wire used to create wonderful jewelry, flower crowns, and ornaments. This wire is truly easy to work with and we know you’ll have fun finding all of the creative uses for this amazing craft supply!