Floral Tape

Floral Stem TapeWaterproof Floral Tape
Floral Stem TapeWaterproof Floral Tape
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Floral Tape

Have you always wondered how florists’ arrangements come to look so gorgeous? Paper Mart can let you in on a little secret: floral tape is the key to making beautifully-composed arrangements that will have everyone asking who your florist is. No matter if you are working with fresh blooms, dried flowers, or silk flowers, floral tape will help you craft unforgettable arrangements every single time.

How to Use Floral Tapes

At first glance, many floral arrangements look like they took hours and hours to put together and require professional-level skills to compose. Paper Mart is here to tell you that that’s not always the case! However, to create florist-level masterpieces, you will need to pick up a few tools of the trade. Floral tape, a strong, stretchable tape that adheres to itself, is one of those tools. The adhesive material is activated as the tape stretches and is designed not to stick to your fingers so it is incredibly sturdy, flexible, and easy to work with. In addition to our floral stem tape, we also offer a waterproof tape that will stand up to moisture and hold wet stems together, as well as styrofoam bases or containers made of glass, wood, or metal. 

Exploring the Possibilities 

Once you’ve stocked up on your floral tape from Paper Mart, you’ll be free to experiment and explore the many uses for this incredible product. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to host a party filled with wonderful floral arrangements and striking centerpieces but have found it too costly to order multiple pieces from your local florist. With our floral tape, you’re free to take the matter into your own hands and create your own customized arrangements with fresh or dried flowers. Not only will you save money on buying all of these arrangements, but you’re sure to get creative satisfaction from handling the process from start to finish. Your guests’ jaws will drop when you tell them you’ve done it all on your own!

Floral stem tape can also help create bouquets, arrangements and boutonnieres that will have the same look and feel as a florist’s. Weddings and showers can be expensive, and by taking your flowers into your own hands, you’re sure to save money and enjoy the ability to create the exact look you want for your special event.

Customer Service That Will Wow You

Here at Paper Mart, we’re always excited to hear from our customers and make ourselves available to you for questions and support. Whether you need help with shipping or want to know more about our Product Satisfaction Guarantee, we’re ready to answer your queries and help you find exactly what you’re looking for.