Film Sealers & Shrinkers

Hand Held Bag SealersPlastic Bag SealersShrink Wrap Systems
Hand Held Bag SealersPlastic Bag SealersShrink Wrap Systems
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Film Sealers & Shrinkers

With tens of thousands of items in stock, Paper Mart has every packaging need covered. We provide the tools and products you need to create great, high-quality packaging at a low price. With these plastic bag sealers and shrink wrap systems, you can create professional and functional seals and wraps for your products.

Sealers and Shrinkers from Paper Mart

With over 30 different products to choose from, our collection of sealers and shrinkers has something for every packaging need. With a shrink wrap gun or system, you’ll be able to create tightly sealed wraps for your products by applying heat to one of the many shrink wrap products—including bags and film rolls—that you’ll find at Paper Mart. With our plastic bag sealers, you can create air-tight and water-tight seals to protect your products. In addition to our larger office model sealers, we also carry several hand held bag sealers that can easily be used to create seals on the go. These sealers are great resources for packaging and are also appropriate for use in a variety of other contexts including the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Products for All of Your Packaging Needs

At Paper Mart, our vast stock contains just about every packaging product you can imagine. With shipping products and containers and wraps used in retail and food service packaging, we’re prepared to help you solve any packaging problem. In addition to all the paper and plastic products you need to create great packaging, we’ll also provide all the tools, including these plastic bag sealers, needed to implement them effectively. Our wide selection and great service have helped Paper Mart become the largest discount packaging supply company in the United States. We’ve distinguished ourselves by providing a wide variety of products at consistently low wholesale prices.

When you’re looking for packaging products and tools, Paper Mart is a truly indispensable resource. With prices that fit both your budget and your customers’, you’ll be able to find everything from shipping boxes to price labels to hand held bag sealers in our inventory. Packaging is an essential part of business, but you shouldn’t have to devote all of your time and money to it. Shop with us today to discover just how easy Paper Mart can make the packaging process for your company.