Fabric Wine Bags

Fabric Wine Bags

Wine bags are the perfect accessory to complement a carefully selected bottle of wine for your next party, gathering, birthday present, or hostess gift.  Paper Mart’s stunning selection of stylish wine gift bags will help you turn a bottle of wine into a thoughtfully packaged present. Never show up to another party with a bottle in a homely paper or plastic bag; with Paper Mart’s gorgeous inventory of ready-to-ship wine bags, you’ll be ready to impress the rest of the guests with your style and panache.

Top Notch Entertaining Every Time

Wine bags are the easiest way to add a dose of style and personality to your own party or when offering a hostess gift. Planning a party, wedding, or shower? A metallic fabric wine bag will help you set the tone. Whether you are heading for a low-key outdoor gathering and a simple jute bag is perfect for the occasion, or you’re off to a dressier soiree where brushed organza fits the bill, Paper Mart has wine bags that are sure to match the mood and décor for any party or event. Most of all, wine gift bags are attractive and functional. These sturdy wine gift bags can be reused again and again—making them a pretty and practical gift.

Always Prepared for Birthdays and Holidays

Having beautiful wine bags on hand is the easiest way to make sure you don’t get caught unprepared when you need to give a gift but don’t have enough time to pick something up. We’ve all had the experience of receiving a holiday gift unexpectedly and needing to reciprocate quickly. If you have a selection of satin, organza, or jeweled wine gift bags up your sleeve, you’ve already won half the battle! You’ll rest a little easier knowing you’re always ready for the impromptu party invitation, dinner with the neighbors, or the last minute Christmas gift.

Perfect for Attractive Displays

If you are a store owner or even an amateur wine maker, you’ll want to show off your wine in the prettiest package possible. Paper Mart’s wine bags offer plenty of options for presentation, so you can craft the perfect display in your store, at markets, or even in your home. Whether it’s a bag with mesh in colors that complement the rest of your display or bags with clear plastic windows that show off unique label art, you’ll want to stock up on bags that put your products in the best light. Since we offer our products at the best wholesale prices online or in stores, you’ll be able to stock up without breaking the bank!