Fabric Covered Baskets

Fabric Covered Baskets

Woven baskets offer a rustic look, but that can be softened with the addition of decorative fabric. Fabric covered baskets and lined wicker baskets add a neat touch to any gift or theme decoration, and you’ll find a large selection here at Paper Mart. Our collection includes oval baskets with cloth, organza bag baskets, and much more! We have a variety of shapes, sizes, and fabric liners.

Fabric covered baskets:
  • Help cushion and protect delicate gift-basket items, such as glassware or holiday ornaments.
  • Offer a new and unique twist on the traditional lined wicker basket.
  • Can be used for company giveaways, raffle prizes, school fundraisers, and other events.
  • Are great for decorating the porch or garden.

Fabric Covered Baskets: Design the Perfect Giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to promote your company, gain more followers on your social media sites, or simply show your employees how thankful you are for their hard work. When you choose a fabric covered basket, your gift basket will look upscale, and the winner of the prize will be left with a basket they can reuse for various purposes. As far as what to fill the basket with, you can choose anything you like! Good gifts for anyone include coffee, candies, and gift cards for local stores or amusement parks.

If you have any questions about our excellent fabric covered baskets, please contact us today.