Decorative Tapes

Patterned Duct TapeWashi Tape
Patterned Duct TapeWashi Tape
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$0.33 - $4.25339 Styles

Decorative Tapes

Tape that Stands Out   

There are so many uses for tape, like securing packages, finishing craft projects, or even repairing items. Just because you use tape often doesn’t mean you need to keep using standard, boring choices. At Paper Mart, we have a range of decorative tapes in bright colors that can enhance packages and projects. Choose from tape in your favorite colors, printed patterns, or glossy finishes.

Distinctive Tape Styles

If you’re looking for a really unique tape style for craft projects, then washi tape should be your top choice. This Japanese-style masking tape is made from natural fibers and is highly durable. Many washi styles also have distinctive patterns that make them ideal when creating wall décor, gift wrap and tags, kids’ crafts, and unique commercial packaging. Washi tape comes in bold colors that will give your projects a creative finish.

Bold Repair Tape

In addition to washi tape, we also carry duct tape, as it is highly useful for quick repairs. Don’t settle for the traditional silver finish, though. Use Paper Mart’s printed duct tape for bold patterns and animal prints. Each roll has the same high performance strength and adhesion characteristics as regular duct tape, making them ideal for repairs or craft projects with uneven surfaces.

Find new and exciting styles of decorative tape when you shop with Paper Mart.