Damask Packaging

Damask Packaging

Damask print ribbon is one of the most elegant ways to adorn the tops of your packages. You can select from 50+ styles ranging in color, print, and size at Paper Mart for the best ribbon for your taste. They make large, decadent bows that elevate the loveliness of any box with a luxurious and fashionable feel. The print also gives grandeur on boxes, bags, papers, and tapes for fashionable pieces to use in your packaging. Find these and more on our site at affordable, wholesale prices available with same day shipping and start wrapping like a pro.

Beautiful Gifts and Baskets

Take gifts and baskets to the next level with damask print ribbon. They bring a refinement to elegant bows such as rosette, wreath, tiered, and tailored bows that are a step above your average ribbon. Our damask ribbons have a lot of body and presence, great for building height and ideal for large packages. Damask bows become a centerpiece for attention when displayed on beautiful gift baskets. It’s as though they’ve come straight from an extremely high-end store and the premium bow or decoration of the ribbon is sure to bring excitement. They add that extra-fun pizzaz that elicits smiles from all.

Elegant Decorations

Aside from ornamenting gifts, damask print ribbon makes a luxurious decoration. It’s exceptional quality and look works throughout your home, displays, projects and more that brings a fancy, feminine character. Spiral it among garlands down halls and on mantels for a festive look well-suited for seasonal decor, as well as for holiday or party themes. Create ribbon flower bouquets that will never wilt and be an eye-catching conversation starter. Use it at place settings for a classic detail at your next dinner party. You can also cover picture frames with the ribbon to take an average frame and give it a personal touch. Wrap bulletin boards and create a homemade calendar or tufted bulletin board. 

Add Class To Your Projects

Damask print ribbon and packaging is perfect for adding a touch of class to any project. Use the print on the actual box for a charming and chic way to wrap packages. Find it on tape to uniquely secure boxes for gifts or shipping, and use the tape for crafts, too! You can make one-of-a-kind cards and stationery that feature the lovely print. 

Drape the ribbon in your next display, or tie it on flower vases as a perfect accessory to their natural beauty. However you use it, damask print ribbon will shine with it’s characteristic class and high quality. With different patterns to choose from, you can make your gifts and projects seem like they’re from an age of old-time elegance while others will make it even seem modern. Whichever you choose, know that the ribbon will be beautiful.