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Standard Non-Woven Totes (100 Gsm - Standard Flat Bottom)
White Standard Totes (100GSM - Standard Flat Bottom)
A standard tote bag with dimensions that match those of traditional paper handle bags. These tote bags are made for medium weight items and have straps that are attached to the top reinforced lip of the bag. Bags are made of 100 gsm thick heavyweight material. The non-woven material used in making all these bags is recycled polypropylene.
As low as $1.15 - $1.28
Select Color : White
White Standard Totes (100GSM - Standard Flat Bottom)Black Standard Totes (100GSM - Standard Flat Bottom)Charcoal Standard Totes (100GSM - Standard Flat Bottom)Red Standard Totes (100GSM - Standard Flat Bottom)Orange Standard Totes (100GSM - Standard Flat Bottom)Chocolate Standard Totes (100GSM - Standard Flat Bottom)Yellow Standard Totes (100GSM - Standard Flat Bottom)Khaki Standard Totes (100GSM - Standard Flat Bottom)Dark Green Standard Totes (100GSM - Standard Flat Bottom)Lime Green Standard Totes (100GSM - Standard Flat Bottom)Royal Blue Standard Totes (100GSM - Standard Flat Bottom)Aqua Blue Standard Totes (100GSM - Standard Flat Bottom)Purple Standard Totes (100GSM - Standard Flat Bottom)
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An easy and affordable way to create brand recognition is by investing in Paper Mart’s personalized tote bags. Not only will they help you set the tone for brand and make a good first impression with customers, but they’ll raise brand awareness every time a customer reuses one.

A Fast, Easy, and Efficient Way to Design Personalized Tote Bags

With the help of our streamlined DIY Design Studio, you can design beautiful, custom grocery tote bags with your name, logo, and contact info in a matter of minutes. No need to call a salesman, sign proofs, or wait for weeks before you can receive your shipment. All you do is point and click, and we’ll do the rest.

Your bulk order of personalized tote bags will be submitted as soon as you’re happy with your design, and it will be ready for delivery in as few as 5 business days.

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At Paper Mart, we offer several different custom-print tote bag styles for our customers to choose from, including custom grocery tote bags, merchandise totes, wine bottle totes and more. With a wide range of colors and sizes available, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect blank slate for your personalized designs.

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