Wholesale Crepe Paper

Wholesale Crepe Paper

When you hear the words “crepe paper,” you probably think of the old-fashioned color streamers that your parents used to hang up for childhood birthday parties. If that’s what you were looking for when you arrived here, you’re in luck! We carry crepe paper streamers in a variety of colors, and we also have crepe paper sheets. No matter what color or amount you need for your project, you’ll find it at an affordable price here at Paper Mart.

Our crepe paper sheets can be used for:
  • Creative gift wrap
  • Making garlands and other decorations
  • Creating paper flowers and other fun crafting patterns
  • Designing costumes
  • Making colorful filler for gift baskets or packages
  • Commercial packaging designs

Endless Crafting Opportunities with Crepe Paper Sheets

If you love getting into a crafting project, you’ll want to have plenty of crepe paper in your collection of goodies. This crinkly tissue paper is a classic in crafting for good reason: its weight and flexibility make it easy to work with. You can wrap it, tape it, glue it, twist it, roll it, or even paint it with acrylic or watercolor paint. It’s great for kids’ projects as well as more sophisticated adult artwork. Don’t forget about scrapbooking! The bright colors and textures will really add to your page, especially when matched with ribbons, stickers, or other types of paper in complementary colors.

If you have any questions or concerns about our crepe paper or other fine products, please contact Paper Mart. We are proud to be your top source for packaging materials online.