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Every crafty person needs the correct supplies for projects. Glues, embellishments, fabrics, paper, and hardware are all essentials to keep on-hand for DIY fun. Having a wide variety of materials always makes it easy to get creative and construct unique works of art.

Glues and Adhesives

Most crafts require some type of adhesive. Since liquid glue is messy, many people prefer glue dots. This kind of adhesive bonds instantly to most surfaces, comes in a variety of strengths, and never leaves dirt behind. For projects that require a more permanent bond, hot glue works well. Paper Mart offers a large selection of glue dot dispensers, glue guns, and other fasteners so that every project turns out perfectly.
As an alternative to glue, try washi tape. This popular, patterned decorative tape is an adorable way to seal anything from an envelope, to a gift, to any other paper craft you may have. This is definitely a colorful and creative way to seal and adhere projects.  


To add a touch of pizzazz to craft projects, Paper Mart offers an endless amount of ways to decorate and create one-of-a-kind looks. It is possible to design beautiful hair combs and barrettes out of feathers, flowers, and bows. Tassels, sequins, and braided trims will come in handy for cloth crafts. Fabricating unique pieces of jewelry with a variety of glass gems will enhance your wardrobe with glitz and glamour. These are just a few examples of projects that can be achieved with a little imagination. The possibilities are endless.

Gift Boxes and Ribbons

All gifts should be presented with elegance, so a lovely container or box is essential. Even party favors should be housed in beautiful boxes, fabric pouches, or other metal tins. You can select from various colors, sizes, and shapes. Matching containers to your wedding colors or event theme is a smart way to tie gifts into the decor. When giving handmade jewelry, Paper Mart provides professional looking boxes as well. Some can be custom printed with names and special messages.

Do not forget the importance of wrapping supplies. Paper Mart, located in Orange, California, offers a wide selection of paper, including metallic gift wrap, crepe paper and tissue paper, for all occasions. Select a simple pattern, holiday theme, or specialty texture. Top the gift with a beautiful bow that dazzles. Besides common fabric or poly ribbons, raffia or paper bows provide natural beauty. The end results will leave positive and lasting impressions on all your friends. 

Crafting Supply Options

Paper Mart's warehouse in Orange County is piled high with merchandise. Its convenient online ordering procedures and price match guarantee make it a smart place to stock up on high quality crafting supplies. You can simply and affordably create special keepsakes for the home or to give as gifts. Get your creative juices flowing and amaze yourself with the wonderful masterpieces you will design.