Corrugated Wraps

Corrugated Wraps

Packing peanuts are great when you have only a few items in a box, but when you’re stacking many items together, especially if they’re fragile, corrugated paper is the way to go. We have 30+ kinds of corrugated paper rolls at Paper Mart with different kinds of fluting, so you can pick the right paper for your packaging needs. We also feature same-day shipping so you don’t have to put your project on hold and with our wholesale prices, you won’t go over budget. 

Best Moving Material

Whether you’re packing, storing, or shipping, this trustworthy packing material will keep your items safe in transit. Layer it between items to keep them securely in place and avoid chipping. Corrugated paper rolls help protect from breaks, scratches, and dings in all materials, but especially glass, metal, and ceramic. You can use it in one continuous strip layered between items to lock them into place or cut it into custom strips. Add multiple layers between items for extra cushion during shipping and pad any extra space by folding it between the item and the box. 

Kinds of Flutes

Corrugated paper will conform to any shape, so it’s especially useful for odd shaped items, like lamps, but different fluting has different cushioning and malleability. Consider how much you’ll need to transform the paper when purchasing and how much cushioning you need. 

  • A-flutes are the thickest and sturdiest of the corrugated paper rolls that you can buy. It is ideal for stacking strength and cushioning. 
  • B-flutes are slightly smaller than c-flutes and better for smaller products and shipments. Due to its small size, it’s much more adept at folding into shapes and can also be printed. 
  • C-flutes are very common due to their versatility. You can print onto them for branding purposes and it is strong enough for shipping most items. The only downside is that it’s not great to fold in the direction of the fluting. 

If you are stacking large items into a box or pallet, a-flute corrugated paper is the way to go since it will keep items from compressing. C-flute is a good, sturdy support for geometrically shaped items or as extra padding within the box, and b-flute is best for odd shaped items and layering in one continuous piece. 

Beyond Packaging

Uses for corrugated paper rolls go beyond packaging. If you have leftovers, consider using it to decorate bulletin boards. The thick paper holds up well to staples and thumb tacks and, especially in color, will give corkboard a unique appeal. Line the border of an existing one or fold it on top of itself to create your own board. 

Whatever you use it for, corrugated paper is a great, supporting packaging material. It’s reliable and fits your needs, especially with so many to choose from at Paper Mart.