Wholesale Colored Paper


Wholesale Colored Paper

Colored paper isn’t just for cutting and pasting, scrapbooks, and DIY birthday cards anymore, it’s evolved. At Paper Mart we carry nearly every variation with over 2,000+ styles of colored paper to choose from. Go beyond construction paper with crepe, streamers, mesh, colored tissue paper, fillers, chord, garlands, and more! We always have it in stock and ready to ship the same day you order it, and each order will weigh easy on your pocketbook with our unbeatable and affordable wholesale prices. Look no further than Paper Mart for all of your colored paper needs, including:
  • Arts and crafts
  • School projects
  • Eye-catching displays
  • Flyers
  • Giftwrapping
  • Packaging

More than Construction Paper

Our papers are so much more than the ones you drew on as a kid. But we have those, too, which are great for attention grabbing flyers, school projects, signs, crafts and more! We also carry things like crepe paper. We have bright and cheerful streamers to light up the decor at any party or more sturdy sheets of crepe paper that are fun and easy to use. Colored paper is a great way to decorate or craft paper flowers or garlands.
Colored tissue paper is great for more than just a garnish peaking out of gift bags. It brings cheer to gift wrap and can be layered for a beautiful effect, or place it inside the box for a cleanly packaged look that keeps items in place. With so many colors and styles to choose from, it’s easy to find a paper that complements your gift or packaging. 
Combine both tissue and crepe to create custom made decorations for any event such as a holiday or themed party, baby shower, wedding, birthday and more! Or opt for pre-made paper decorations that add pizzazz to venues. Papers come in various lengths, sizes, and colors and are also easily cut for the perfect shape. 
Create Fun Projects
Colored paper is ideal for arts and crafts at any level. Kids will have fun wrapping, rolling, cutting, glueing and even playing with the paper. For example, colored tissue paper makes especially good butterflies that “fly.” Make beautiful origami and wreaths, or use a deco mesh for a little more structure in floral arrangements or any project you want a sturdier netting in. Create alluring gift baskets filled with goodies and colorful paper, or you can design beautiful displays and centerpieces. 
No matter what you’re looking to accomplish, colored paper and colored tissue paper add a special pop that brings a sparkle to any project. Bring a smile to customers and gift recipients with charming tissues and wrapping papers, or make your next event stand out with any of our beautiful papers.