Colored Baskets

Colored Baskets

Did you arrive here after searching for colored woven baskets? If so, you’re lucky to have found one of the widest selections available online! Paper Mart is proud to present our collection of baskets in fun and bright colors. From wholesale wicker baskets in individual solid colors, to those that feature an assortment of natural shades, you’re sure to find what you need right here. Looking for the perfect basket for a holiday centerpiece? We’ve got you covered. If you need pastel colored baskets for Easter, birthdays, or baby showers, you’ll find those here as well. No matter what you need, Paper Mart has it!

Our colored woven baskets:
  • Are ideal for holidays, birthdays, or any special occasion that calls for bright colors.
  • Make great bases for gift baskets and care packages.
  • Work well for organizing children’s playrooms or bedrooms.
  • Add a pop of color and life to any garden or porch.

Colored Woven Baskets: Organize a Child’s Room

Children’s rooms sometimes end up messy or disheveled. Having baskets in different colors makes it easier to get things organized. Simply choose a different color of basket for each type of toy, and have your kids use the colors to learn where to place each of their small toys. Wholesale wicker baskets can also be used as decorative displays for stuffed animals, figurines, rock collections, and much more.

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