Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper

Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper

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The holiday season is very important to many people, especially for the love and affection denoted by giving thoughtful gifts to loved ones. Whether you have large items for family members or small packages for friends, you need Christmas gift wrapping paper to cover them all. Turn to Paper Mart and stock up on your favorite wrapping paper from from our extensive inventory.

If you prefer something fun and playful for your gifts, we carry a number of patterned and themed papers. If you want a gift full of elegance and sophistication, examine our selection of embossed and metallic papers. Check out these fun options:

Character prints with bold colors (reindeer, polar beers, penguins & more!)
Reserved stripes and polka dot prints
Gorgeous jewelers paper
Hannukah gift wrap
Holiday floral gift wrap

Choose the Right Roll Size

Our selection of Christmas gift wrapping paper options doesn’t just cover a range of styles, but a range of sizes as well. If you have a lot of packages to wrap, we have larger rolls to accommodate them—all the way up to more than 800’. Only wrapping a small selection of gifts? Choose the 15’ option. Pick the perfect paper from Paper Mart for a magical holiday season. Shop now!