Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard Boxes

No matter your packaging needs, Paper Mart has a wide selection of chipboard boxes ready at an affordable, wholesale price. With our large stock of 50+ styles and same-day shipping, you’ll be sure to get it as soon as you need it. We ship our boxes and white chipboard boxes flat so they arrive undamaged, and with their no tape or glue construction, you can easily and firmly pop them together. These boxes, which come in a variety of sizes, are self locking, so the contents are secured within and you can present your wares in a sturdy, reliable, and professional looking box.
When shipping these packages to your customers, they do best when enclosed in another shipping box to protect their unblemished material and shape. Their self locking design ensures that these chipboard boxes and white chipboard boxes, made from recycled materials, will remain intact for all of your packaging needs. They are slightly thicker than cardboard, but much sturdier, so you can rest assured that they can easily hold their contents without breaking during transit. Even it’s just on the way home from your store. 

Classic “Give-Away” Boxes

These boxes have an upscale, business look that is perfect for “give-away” items from your company. Use them as a leave behind with your products inside after proposal meetings, or send them straight to companies you’d like to do business with as a networking piece. They’ll be impressed with the professionalism of the packaging. 

These boxes are also the perfect canvas for your branding. Add your logo on their clean backgrounds or contrast it against our white chipboard boxes for a cleaner look. The neutral colors go well with any brand’s colors and will cleanly display your work as the focal point of the box. Support your product with branded tissue paper or on-brand packaging materials to complete the look.

They’re also great for packaging and shipping items to customers. Instead of sending customers products in a standard shipping box, slip these chipboard boxes inside and elevate your package to a heightened level of professionalism. It won’t go unnoticed and they'll appreciate it. Paying attention to these kinds of details will reward you in the end with customer loyalty and long term business. 

Chipboard at Home

Chipboard boxes are not exclusively for businesses. They add a professional look to any DIY project or craft and can be a fun project for the whole family. Decorate them for the holidays for a festive way to deliver holiday cookies to friends, package party favors with themed tissue paper, or keep them on hand for gifts that look professionally wrapped. With the clean material, especially on the white chipboard boxes, you can draw, paint, personalize and tie up each box with ease for a beautiful presentation.