Chipboard Sheets

Chipboard Sheets

Chipboard sheet is a type of paperboard. It’s formed using recycled paper that is then pressed and glued together to make a solid structure. Here at Paper Mart, you’ll find chipboard in a variety of colors, including gray, white, and brown. We have many sizes to choose from. Its durability and light weight makes chipboard perfect for a number of applications. It can even be painted, opening up many possibilities for crafting ideas.What I

What Is Chipboard Sheet Used For?

Chipboard is perfect for a wide variety of applications. Here are a few of our favorite chipboard sheet uses.

Chipboard Sheet Is Used For

  • Commercial or gift packaging
  • Scrapbooking, designing book covers, and other stationary items
  • Use as a back piece for embroidery or cross-stitching projects
  • Creating small bulletin boards for the home or office
  • Carpentry projects, such as cabinet doors or furniture supports
  • Making games and toys for children

Chipboard Sheet: Craft the Perfect Children’s Toys

Crafters and toymakers love chipboard. Its light weight and durability keeps it safe for use in kids’ toys, such as board games, puzzles, and dollhouses. Most mainstream board game manufacturers already use chipboard for their products. If you own an Etsy store or other location where you sell your children’s crafts, then you likely need a cost-effective source of quality chipboard. Paper Mart is proud to offer a solution.

Whether you’ve never tried chipboard and are interested in using it for a new project, or, you’re familiar with the material and simply need a new source, we’ve got you covered.