Cello & Office Tapes

Frosted / Invisible Tapes
Magic Mending Invisible Tape 1" CoreMagic Mending Invisible Tape 3" Core
Magic Mending Invisible Tape 1" CoreMagic Mending Invisible Tape 3" Core
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Cello & Office Tapes

Tape: it's such a staple in our lives that we forget about it—until it's too late. Like milk, paper towels, or facial tissues, clear packing tape are so common that sometimes, we take it for granted. Doesn't it seem like we always expect tape to be waiting and ready? But when we realize that we've run out of tape, and there's no open stores nearby, we're forced to put our projects on hold—at home, at work,  and at school.

Never Run Out of Tape Again! 

Paper Mart has a simple solution: buy your clear packing tape, office tape, and wholesale packing tape in bulk! With thousands of paper and packaging products to choose from, here's what we offer in our office/household and clear packing tape category: cellophane ("cello") tapes, acrylic adhesive carton sealing tape, PVC carton sealing tape, matte label protection tape, printed tapes and tape dispensers

Paper Mart also offers frosted (“invisible”) tapes. Our most well-known products are the cellophane tape 1'' or 3’’ core. The 3" cellophane tape is premium-quality and another alternative to our acrylic adhesive carton sealing tape.

A Tape for Every Project

With so many varieties to choose from, deciding on the “right” tape for your project might seem a bit confusing at first. Whether you’re shopping for your home, school, small business, or large company, we recommend you ask yourself the following questions in regard to your particular project:
  • How strong does my clear packing tape, office tape, or wholesale packing tape need to be?
  • How long does my tape need to last?     
  • How transparent or opaque should my clear packing tape, office tape, or wholesale packing tape be? 

Top Seller: Scotch® Magic Invisible Tape

In an academic or home office environment, for example, a popular tape for covering mistakes discreetly (without the messiness of liquid paper) is our magic mending invisible tape. 

The Scotch® 810 Magic™ Tape is a thin, opaque, and pressure-sensitive tape that is completely invisible on photocopied documents. Its matte surface allows for quick, easy corrections with pen or pencil. Even better, the tape is backed with a long-lasting frosted adhesive that leaves no mark when adjusted or removed completely. 

Made a typo on an important document with no printer in sight? Spilled a few drops of coffee on the page while reviewing a report? Our Scotch® 810 Magic™ Tape will save the day! Simply rip, stick, and write. Your colleagues on the other end of the fax won’t be able to tell the difference, and you’ll be spared a headache!  

Paper Mart: Our History, Our Promise

With decades of experience in this industry under our belt, we’re confident that our shipping and mailing inventory will fulfill the requirements of even the toughest and trickiest requests, whether industrial, personal, professional, or commercial. At Paper Mart, we hope that our wide selection and low warehouse prices will make your next project easier, if not less painful. We promise to do our best to help you find what you need.