Canvas Bags

Canvas Bags

Canvas bags are a reusable alternative to plastic bags. Typically made from cotton or linen fabric, canvas bags have a plain weave, are sturdy enough to carry heavy items, and can be easily personalized with graphic prints or embroidery.
Canvas bags are versatile and handy for toting around just about anything — books, groceries, gym clothes, you name it! If you take care of your reusable canvas shopping bags, they will last you through many a trip to the grocery store or mall. Just make sure to wash them regularly to keep them looking crisp and fresh.
Canvas totes are easy to wash — simply drop them into the washing machine with the rest of your laundry and a mild detergent. Wash your bags in cold water and air dry them to prevent shrinkage. You can even waterproof your canvas bag with wax or a special waterproofing solution from your local hardware or sporting goods store.

Canvas Storage Bins & Baskets

Canvas storage bins are convenient and multifunctional. They’re great for hiding clutter, so use them to store kids’ toys, craft supplies, blankets, towels, clothes, magazines — or anything else that needs to be tucked away! The simple style and versatility of these bins make it a cinch to organize your home or office. Try a large white cotton canvas storage bin or burlap canvas basket with handles as extra storage, or use one as a fun gift basket for a housewarming party or baby shower.

Canvas Fashion Bags

Get the versatility and durability of a canvas bag with a fashionable twist. Our canvas fashion bags come in varying sizes and fun colors, with horizontal and vertical striped patterns. The bags have zippered closures, wide and durable handles, and a zippered interior pocket. All bags are fully lined for an extra layer of protection.

Get Your Canvas Bags (in Bulk!)

Do you have a community event or organization that you’d like to promote? Wholesale canvas bags are a great way to get the word out! Check out our wholesale pricing for canvas bags, and get a 20% discount on orders of $300 or more!