Candy Cups

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Grease Resistant Candy CupsGlassine Candy CupsFoil Liners- Candy Cups
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Candy Cups

A Decorative Way to Serve Candies

When planning an event, you have to give careful consideration to how things will be displayed, especially if you are serving food. For small items, such as nuts or candies, a simple and individual solution is best. In these situations, Paper Mart’s individual candy cups are a perfect fit. Individually made with sturdy pressed and fluted paper, they are a simple but decorative answer whenever you have small snacks that need to be uniquely presented.

Great for Individual Packaging

Aside from being a great addition to any party or gathering, our inventory of individual candy cups is also a perfect addition to your stash of candy making supplies. Available in multiple sizes and styles, these candy cups can be used to hold your favorite homemade baked goods as well. Whether you are making holiday treats to give out or enjoying a fun assortment of snacks, we are sure these cups will give your creations the attention they deserve.

Paper Mart’s offerings of individual candy cups are also great for goods that are prepared to sell or even ship. Sometimes, putting chocolates or other candies together in a single container or candy bag isn’t ideal--conditions may cause these items to melt, creating a sticky mess. But with Paper Mart’s candy making supplies, you can be sure that each piece retains its individual shape and flair all the way from your kitchen to your customer’s front door.