Calculate Shrink


To determine the width of your bag:

  1. Measure the package around its widest point in a circle.
  2. Enter measurement below.


To determine the length of your bag:

  1. Measure the package around the tallest point in a circle.
  2. Enter measurement below.





Your Calculated Bag Size:

Made from 100-gauge PVC shrink film, our clear shrink bags offer a fantastic way to protect your product while still showing it off. With these quality bags, all you need is a little tape and a heat gun or hair dryer to quickly create a polished, professional look. You can even add ribbons, labels and other decorative items for extra flair.

Are you having trouble deciding what size bag is right for your item? Our bag dimension search tool takes the guesswork out of selecting shrink bags. Whether you are interested in one of our convenient flat shrink bags or have a more robust item that requires one of our amazing seamless-sided dome shrink bags, using this tool will permit you to order the supplies you need with total confidence.

Start by using a tape measure to determine the circumference of the item you plan to bag at its widest point by measuring completely around the item at that point. When done correctly, your measuring tape will form a complete circle. Next, find the circumference of your item at its tallest point by measuring all the way around the item at that point. Please note that your measurements should be in inches.

After taking your measurements, enter them into our bag dimension search tool. When you hit the calculate button, the tool will use your measurements to determine the width and length of the ideal bag for your item.

Use the dimensions recommended by our bag dimension search tool as a starting point to select a shrink bag for your item. If the exact size recommended is not available, simply choose a larger bag. When heated to 250 degrees, flat shrink bags will shrink up to 40 percent; dome shrink bags will shrink up to 30 percent along their width and 50 percent along their length.

* If the size you need is not available, a larger size can be used because shrink bags have a 40% overall shrinkage rate.

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