Fabric & Mesh
1" Sweetie Bee Decor2-1/8" Assorted Sparkle Butterfly Decor2-3/8" Polka Dot Pre-Tied Butterfly Bows
1" Sweetie Bee Decor2-1/8" Assorted Sparkle Butterfly Decor2-3/8" Polka Dot Pre-Tied Butterfly Bows
$0.281 Style
$0.221 Style
$0.172 Styles
Paper Butterflies
Paper Butterflies
$0.24 - $0.294 Styles


Do you need to add some charm and whimsy to your latest project? At Paper Mart, we carry a wide collection of over 50 butterfly decor pieces from realistic feather butterflies to fabric butterfly decorations. They come in life-like, artistic, and character renditions that will brighten any project with their fluttering elegance. With collections made with different materials, traits, and sizes, you’ll be sure to find the right assortments of butterflies to fulfill your vision. All of our butterflies come wholesale and will float all the way to your heart!

Butterflies are wonderful decorations for:
  • Gifts
  • Scrapbooks
  • Crafts
  • Hairpieces
  • Bouquets
  • Wreaths
  • Planters
  • Window Displays - Read more on our blog

Feather Butterflies

Perfectly imitating a fluttering butterfly, our feather butterflies are enchantingly realistic. With a variety of colors and designs, you can choose butterfly decor that looks like it flew onto your gifts, bouquets and hairpieces right from the outdoors. Some of these life-like butterflies also feature fun accessories such as:
  • Jewels and rhinestones
  • Glitter
  • Fun decorations
  • Wires, clips, or other attachment mechanisms
All of our butterflies can be easily attached to your projects, whether they come with a mechanism or not, and with the additional accessories to our feather butterflies, you can add a splash of character to your projects.

Ribbon Butterflies

If you prefer butterflies with a touch more fantasy than, say, our life-like plastic butterfly decoration, try our ribbon butterflies. They evoke the spirit of a butterfly while emoting the handcrafted playfulness of ribbon. We use the highest quality ribbon in our butterfly decor to ensure that each butterfly will continue to cheer your scrapbooks, cards, and other crafts with their shape and personality for years to come.

Wire and Fiber Butterflies

Our most whimsical butterflies are also our one of our most durable. These smiling butterflies will light up any craft with their sparkly jewels and glitter. Each colored butterfly holds its shape extremely well and will stand up to your sturdier crafts with their cheery animation. They’re a playful take on a butterfly with their jewels, glitter and painted faces that are a welcome addition to any project.

Plastic Butterflies

These plastic butterfly decoration are great embellishments for the outdoors or anywhere you may need more durable butterflies. Unlike our wire and fiber butterflies, they are very realistic looking with intricately painted details that make them look like they just landed on your potted plants or windowsills. Absolutely enchanting, this butterfly decor will make any room, present or craft feel like spring is in the air. 

Butterflies bring an air of spring and butterfly decor is an easy way to add charm and whimsy to any room, project or decoration. Whether you’re looking for realistic, durable or adorably cute butterflies, with our variety of styles and colors, you’ll know that you're receiving the best, wholesale butterflies and plastic butterfly decoration available. Sprinkle a little enchantment in your life with our fluttering butterflies.