Business Type

Business Type

Whether you need to ship, package, or gift wrap your product, you want the assurance that you're using high quality packaging to protect and present your products. For nearly a hundred years Paper Mart has been providing affordably priced packaging options for businesses. You can search our wide inventory by business type. 

Product Packaging

Ranging from standard corrugated cardboard boxes and cartons, to mailing tubes and jewelry boxes, our wide variety of product packaging is sure to meet your needs. We offer gift packaging, shrink wrap, cans, jars, and bottles. You're sure to find a protective home for your product.

Promotional Packaging

When you really want to showcase your merchandise and display your brand, our line of promotional packaging is just what you need! Our fabric bags and clear vinyl bags are great options for gift baskets, promotional giveaways, and more. We also offer custom printed bags so that your customers can take your brand and logo with them.

Bakery Supplies

If your business has delectable delights, our bakery supplies can help package your treats for your customers. We offer bakery boxes, boxes with windows, boxes with handles, even macaron boxes. We also have bakery bags, take-out bags, bakery tissues, and paper liners to complete your packaging needs.

Candy Packaging

You’ve spent countless hours developing your candy treats, so make sure you consider how your candies will be packaged. Our candy packaging covers a wide range, from upscale chocolate containers that exude prestige to clear plastic packaging that lets your product do the speaking.

Floral Supplies

We have all your floral supplies covered. When you’re creating bouquets and displays, you want to make sure you're using high quality floral wraps, foils, and fabrics. We offer a wide range of floral tape and wire to help you set your arrangements. With options for moss, cards, and vases, the sky's the limit as to what you can create.

Gift Baskets

We have a huge assortment of baskets for you to choose from. But we don’t just stop there, after all a gift basket is much more than a few gifts in a wicker container. That’s why we offer a wide range of fill options. Once you’ve finished your basket, you want to know everything will stay in place. The use of wrap, bows, fabric, and string will help keep your gift basket looking great, even after transport.


If you need product packaging for your grocery or deli, we’ve got just what you’re looking for. When you need grocery packaging, check out our wide selection of deli containers, take-out boxes, paper bags, plastic bags, and reusable bags.


There’s nothing like the gift of jewelry. It’s timeless quality and thoughtfulness make it the perfect symbol of how much people care. We carry a wide range of jewelry packaging options from boxes to high quality bags—we have the packaging you need!


When you need shipping supplies, look no further than Paper Mart. We carry a wide range shipping supply styles. From padded mailers to paper envelopes, boxes to the cushioning inside them—we’ve got you taken care of. We have tape, labels, tags, staples, and box openers.

Paper Mart for Your Product Packaging

When you need product packaging for your business, choose Paper Mart. We are a family owned and operated business with nearly a hundred years of experience. We take pride in offering high quality merchandise at affordable pricing. Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs.