There are a lot of options for party décor that you can find only at Paper Mart. If you want your special event to stand out, try one of the whimsical embellishment choices we have in store for you. Our selection of bird ornaments and decorative birds will add a splash of color and magic to your occasion in a fun and unique way.

Colorful birds are a great addition to a children’s party or themed event, as well as an elegant choice for outdoor weddings, garden parties, and other formal events. Decorate a wedding with white doves, have a tropical party with exotic birds, or decorate a hat with hummingbirds—whichever decorative birds you choose, you’re sure to impress your guests!

Browse Paper Mart’s large selection of bird ornaments for creative ways to elevate your party décor.

Use Them Again and Again

Each of the decorative birds and bird ornaments available at Paper Mart are made from lightweight foam that can easily be attached to a variety of arrangements. They are also hand painted and embellished with feathers, glitter, and more, to create a personal and unique touch.

Each bird is also attachable using a magnet or a clip on its bottom. Decorate securely with Paper Mart’s beautiful birds.