Bin Boxes

Bin Boxes

For our industrial and commercial customers, Paper Mart offers 28 styles of corrugated bin boxes. What are bin boxes, exactly? Simply put, they're small containers designed for shelf storage and display, rather than for shipping. Of all of our containers, boxes, and cartons, these sturdy and durable corrugated bin boxes are designed with retail and service businesses in mind. These simple and attractive display boxes fit perfectly on the product shelves of most businesses, from cafes to grocery stores, auto garages, bakeries, and hardware stores.

Corrugated Bin Boxes: The Quick Fix for Cluttered Product Shelves

Our bin boxes are a great choice for small and large businesses that need product shelving that isn't heavy, hard-to-move, or expensive. Paper Mart's high-quality cardboard boxes are lightweight, affordable, and easily customizable for a number of shelving, storage, and product display solutions.

Whether you place them at your shop entrance, main floor, or checkout line, our corrugated bin boxes (and optional dividers) allow you to create your own unique product display and storage system that's efficient, organized, and intuitive.
Paper Mart's bin boxes and dividers make finding, storing, and organizing products easy, rather than stressful. What's more, they're created out of 45% recycled content. Paper Mart offers:
  • Corrugated Bin Boxes
  • Jumbo Bin Boxes 
  • Bin Box Dividers
  • Parts Bin with Dividers

A Perfect Fit for Product Storage and Display

Paper Mart's self-locking, sturdy bin boxes are not only ideal for displaying products to customers on your main shop floor, they work great as temporary product storage, too! If you have a product line that requires constant re-shelving, then having a well-organized system in your stockroom is critical. These corrugated bin boxes make setting up, adjusting, and even taking inventory a breeze.
Whatever your display and storage needs—from buttons at a craft shop, wrapped candy at a convenience store, pens at an office supply store, or nail polish at a spa—these bin boxes will fit right in. Our corrugated box dividers are available to create even smaller compartments. Your options are endless!
Rather than waste money on an expensive shelving unit, take a more reasonable approach, and pick up a few bin boxes today. With everything in its proper place, you can get back to what really matters—your customers.