Beaded Fabric Bags

Beaded Fabric Bags

When you’re looking for a classy and economical way to give out party favors, Paper Mart can help. Some say a party is only as good as the party favors. Well, we say those favors are only as good as their party bags! Elegant beaded party bags give your event a personal touch when used to wrap party favors. We offer over two dozen styles of beaded party bags in a variety of fabrics and a wide range of sizes to suit your party needs. Browse our selection to make a choice that matches the aesthetic of your get together. Whether it’s the delightful beading or the soft fabrics, our stunning designs will bring a smile to every guest’s face when you give out your favors. Subtle and sophisticated, our beaded fabric bags are the perfect thank you for your guests.

What’s in a Name?

Fabric party bags aren’t just for parties, despite what their names indicate. they can be used for a variety of craft projects, or for handing out any small gift. Fabric bags are the perfect way to wrap a gift card, sweets, or piece of jewelry.

While it’s undeniable that beaded party bags exude a festive air, the potential uses are limited only by your imagination and resourcefulness.

You can keep a treasured memento in your beaded party bags, or use them to store small, easily lost items like change or game pieces. 

You can also sell products in them, which may prove useful because of their eye-catching design. A party bag can also serve as a good receptacle for potpourri.

The Zenith of Service

At Paper Mart, we strive to provide the best possible service and product for the lowest possible cost, including beaded party bags. We deploy everything we’ve learned about cutting costs in our 94 years of business in order to guarantee you the lowest prices.

We begin processing your order immediately after you place it. We guarantee the cheapest and fastest shipping, including same day delivery during business hours. Our reduced freight costs and bulk order discounts help cut your costs even further. Sometimes people will even see their price quotes and say “this is impossible.” It may be impossible anywhere else, but at Paper Mart, the zenith of service and product at a fraction of the cost is the status quo.

Our friendly team of packaging experts is available to help you whenever you need it, including on our website’s live chat. Let us know how we can help!