Bath & Cosmetics

Bath & Cosmetics

Paper Mart has more than 12,000 packaging products that are ideal for cosmetic and bath products. In the world of cosmetic and bath products, it’s especially important that your products have a great look on the outside to go with their high function on the inside. Paper Mart’s cosmetic containers and accent materials are the perfect tools to help you create appealing packaging at an affordable price.

Vinyl Bags and Pouches

Vinyl bags are one of the most popular containers for packaging cosmetic and bath bottles because the thick durability of the material provides protection against accidental spills. At Paper Mart, we have more than 200 types of vinyl bags to serve your cosmetic packaging needs. In addition to functional vinyl, these cosmetic containers have a variety of lovely fabric accents, including organza and satin tops, to create highly attractive packaging. These vinyl bags close with a drawstring.

Cans, Jars, and Bottles

Cans, jars, and bottles are probably the most useful type of containers for packaging bath and cosmetic products. Paper Mart stocks 1,700+ different containers for cosmetic packaging. Plastic bottles are extremely versatile bath containers, and we have a variety of shapes and sizes. Our plastic bath containers are made of food-grade virgin P.E.T. plastic. These cosmetics containers come with standard screw-on caps, but you can also order pumps and spray tops that make it easier to dispense bath products like moisturizer and hair spray.

We Guarantee the Most Affordable Packaging Products

These are just a few of the many different cosmetic containers that are available from Paper Mart. In addition to basic containers, we also carry a wide variety of accent products that you can use to make your cosmetic and bath packaging more attractive. Each one of the thousands of cosmetic and bath packaging items that we carry is offered to you at low, wholesale prices because Paper Mart is committed to providing our customers with high value packaging products.

If you need bath and cosmetics containers, or any other type of packaging material, look no farther than the vast inventory at Paper Mart. If you need help navigating our wide selection, never hesitate to contact a member of our team by phone or email. Our employees have decades of experience guiding customers, and they are always happy to help out. Shop today for all your packaging needs!