Trays & Baskets No Handles

Trays & Baskets No Handles

Do you love creating home décor themes and showing them off to your friends? One element that will really add to your decorating motif is the woven basket. At Paper Mart, we have a huge selection of trays and empty gift baskets with no handles, each of which is unique, interesting, and sturdy enough for a variety of uses. Choose between oval, round, square, or rectangle shaped baskets in several styles and sizes. If you’re looking for a specific type of basket, you’ll be able to easily find it within our collection.

Our trays and baskets with no handles:
  • Are ideal for designing centerpieces that feature fruit baskets or other fresh produce from the garden.
  • Are perfect as empty gift baskets.
  • Can be serving baskets ideal for holding candy, muffins, cupcakes, and other treats.
  • Come in neutral colors that will work with any items you choose to put in.
  • Equally great holding raffle prizes as they are as the base of centerpieces for company dinners.

Trays and Baskets with No Side Handles: Design a Rustic Centerpiece

These serving baskets have a rustic appearance, which works perfectly for country decorating themes. Whether you want to fill the baskets with fresh pine needles and cones, or other nature-inspired items, they will help bring the energy of the outdoors into your home. Rustic baskets can also be used to decorate front porches or even be naturally integrated into the garden.

For more information about the baskets in the collection at Paper Mart, please contact our team today.