Bamboo Baskets With Handles

Bamboo Baskets With Handles

High Quality Baskets

There are a lot of options available when you need a basket. Our experts at Paper Mart know that when you want something beautiful and elegant to carry and store your goods, you need delicately durable bags and small baskets. Our selection of handmade bamboo baskets are sure to be exactly what you have been looking for. Whether you need to organize and store crafts on a shelf, or create a fun centerpiece for a picnic or gathering, these baskets are perfect for any occasion.

Each of the bamboo baskets at Paper Mart are hand woven using high quality bamboo strips. Regardless of whether you decide on our small baskets or our larger bamboo baskets with handles, you will immediately notice the craftsmanship that went into masterfully weaving and creating them.

A Decorative Bag Solution

Our selection of bamboo baskets are more than just functional pieces. Treated bamboo strips create unique colors and patterns for each basket we sell. We carry colorful, assorted oval shaped baskets, each one woven with a different combination of pink, green, yellow, and blue. The sides are woven with a striped bamboo pattern, while the bottom is laid out in a starburst pattern.

We also carry rectangular baskets with a double chain motif woven down the sides. These baskets are tapered so that the top dimensions are greater than the bottom. This feature makes it easy to showcase your merchandise and fan out your products in an open fashion.

If you have questions about any of our baskets, contact our friendly customer service team today for more information.