Bamboo Basket Trays

Bamboo Basket Trays

Lightweight & Durable Baskets                        

Whether you’re looking for a creative storage solution or you want to display your merchandise, Paper Mart has you covered. Our variety of handmade bamboo basket trays are lightweight and durable. Available in multiple sizes and shapes, Paper Mart provides you the opportunity to cover all your gift basket and craft needs from a single retailer.

Fall Decor and Rustic Storage

Each bamboo basket tray from Paper Mart is produced from natural fibers, making them perfect for fall décor or rustic storage themes. Their unique design ensures that no two baskets are exactly alike, as the wood fibers allow for stunning color variations. However, all baskets feature sturdy weave lips, allowing for easy grip and maximum portability. Each basket provides a unique storage solution for any need.

Create Unique Gift Baskets

Paper Mart’s selection of bamboo basket trays have many uses beyond storage. Instead of handing out party favors or holiday goodies in a plain bag, choose your favorite basket design and decorate it! Baskets are truly great for any holiday or occasion. They’re sturdy enough to pack full of goodies without breaking so your friends, family, or coworkers are sure to enjoy them.