Bakery Drums & Circles

Bakery Drums & Circles

If you’re in search of a great value on bakery supplies, such as cake drums and circles, Paper Mart is the one-stop resource that you can rely on. Our selection of 30+ cake boards and sheets makes it easy to create stellar presentations for all your favorite baked goods.

Cake Sheets

Great presentation can make any product, even one as delicious as cake, even more appealing to your customers. Paper Mart’s cake boards and sheets add that special touch to your packaging. For rectangular cakes, we offer both plain and metallic heavy duty corrugated cardboard cake sheets, made with a double layer of cardboard that won’t collapse under the weight of your cake. For circular cakes, we have plain, metallic, and embossed boards made of the same strong materials. All of our cake boards and sheets are made with food safe foils and papers.

Parchment Circles

Parchment circles are cake packaging supplies that can pull double duty in the display case and the kitchen. The first great use for these versatile pre-cut parchment sheets is lining cake pans. This makes taking cakes out effortless, and reduces the risk that your cake will be damaged by sticking to the pan. Parchment sheets also provide a thoughtful accent to your cake packaging. Our parchment cake sheets are easy to use, and made of top-quality bakery parchment. 

Your Source for Retail and Industrial Packaging

At Paper Mart, we stock more than 26,000 types of retail and industrial packaging products. We focus on bringing our customers the highest possible value in packaging products. All of our packaging products are made of quality materials and sold to you at affordable wholesale prices. Product presentation is an important part of your business, but it shouldn’t break your budget. Paper Mart is here to make sure that it doesn’t. In addition to cake boards and sheets, we have a variety of other bakery packaging supplies, including bakery bags and window cupcake boxes.

Whether you’re looking for industrial and retail packaging supplies, or supplies for your next big crafting project, Paper Mart is your go-to source for affordable quality. Shop today to find quality cake boards and everything else you need to create great cake packaging!