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8 Anti-Static Items Styles To Ship Today
Anti-Static Items
In Paper Mart's vast selection of shipping supplies—from envelopes, bags, tapes, tags, and boxes—one product line does most of the work in keeping your items safe and secure in transit: our cushioning products inventory. Paper Mart offers 350+ products to ensure your products arrive safe and sound on your client's doorstep, whether you ship business-to-business or direct to your customers.
Paper Mart's shipping and mailing cushioning product line covers several categories: 
  • Air bubble wrapping
  • Foam peanuts and fills
  • Industrial shreds
  • White cellulose tissue cushioning
  • Corrugated cardboard wraps and sheets
  • Foam cushioning
  • Colored die cut cushion wrap
  • Padded mailers
  • Pallet edge protectors
  • Triangular corner pads
  • Padded packing bags
  • Folded paper sheets
Across all of these products, one feature is particularly popular with many of our customers: anti-static cushioning. What have so many of our customers found anti-static products, especially anti-static bags and anti-static foam, to be so helpful? Paper Mart's selection of anti-static bags, wrap, and foam work to protect shipped and stored items from incoming static charges in addition to shock, abrasion, and wear-and-tear.
Simply put, our anti-static bags, wrap, and foam protect and secure what's valuable to your business and your customers. In this category, Paper Mart offers the following options for your business, school, or home office:
  • Static Shield Plastic Bags
  • Self-Sealing Air Bubble-Out Anti-Static Bags
  • 3/16'' Anti-Static Air Bubble Wrapping ("Bubble Wrap")
  • 1/8'' Anti-Static Protective Foam Rolls
  • Storo-Pak Anti-Static Loose Fill ("Packing Peanuts")
One product in particular deserves special mention: bubble wrap. For kids (or those who are kids at heart), bubble wrap and the loose fill foam peanuts inside an opened parcel are just as fun as the shipped product itself.
When purchasing from Paper Mart, you have the unique opportunity to order as much bubble wrap and anti-static foam packing peanuts as you need or desire! Paper Mart's bubble wrap is resilient, lightweight, and cost-effective. Our bubble wrap stock is perforated every 12 inches for easy rip-and-pack protection, and arrives in long rolls. If this size isn't ideal for your business or project needs, we are happy to customize your order. Call our dedicated Customs Team to discuss a solution: 800-745-8800. We'll be happy to give you a quote over the phone.

Here at Paper Mart, we take pride in our low warehouse prices and our variety of products. We do realize, of course, that our vast inventory may make choosing the products for your project seem a bit overwhelming. Like our boxes, containers, and ribbons, there's so many anti-static bags, wraps, and foam to choose from! Contact us today to choose the products that will help your business succeed. We're ready to help.