Absorbents And Sweeps

Oil AbsorbentNo Base Sweeping CompoundBase Sweeping Compound
Oil AbsorbentNo Base Sweeping CompoundBase Sweeping Compound
$10.361 Style
$61.39 - $156.192 Styles
$145.541 Style

Absorbents And Sweeps

At Paper Mart, we strive to provide you everything you need for your workspace, so we offer more than just craft and packing supplies—we provide items to keep your warehouse or office areas clean. Our stock includes a variety of oil absorbents and other compounds that can soak up spills and messes easily.

The absorbent compounds we offer are sanitary and safe for use in high traffic areas. They’re perfect for industrial settings or other workspaces where spills can be an issue.

Compounds and Materials

These compounds are made from natural materials, so they’re environmentally safe. Paper Mart carries four types that are very effective for any area where spillages or excess liquids are a common problem. You’ll find compounds including diatomite absorbent, meant to clear up oil, grease, and water, as well as oil absorbents to clean water, motor oil, and machine coolant.

Paper Mart also has sweeping compound such as a no-base compound without any sand that sweeps up dust. Our base sweeping compound contains sand to allow you to clear wood chips and metal filings from your floor safely.

Specialty Products

Our high-grade diatomite absorbent sweeping compound is especially useful due to its superior absorbent abilities. This all-natural compound is ideal for cleanup of oil, grease, and water spills. It features more absorbency per pound than clay alternatives and is essentially dust-free, making it perfect for areas where environmental sensitivity is a concern.

 Looking for high-quality absorbers and sweepers? Find everything you need at Paper Mart today.