2 Sides & Transfer Tapes

2 Sides & Transfer Tapes

2 Side & Transfer Tape

Double faced tape is ideal if you’re creating a science project, sealing up your package of baked goods, or creating a scrapbook of that vacation in the Bahamas. Whether you need adhesive for your business or for a hobby, Paper Mart has you covered with over a dozen styles. Get creative and get professional with our line of clear, opaque, and printed double adhesives for all of your needs.

Arts and Crafts

If you need clean lines and a superior hold for your next art project, look no further than Paper Mart’s double faced tape. Perfect for mounting a piece of artwork to its matting or attaching that precious photo to the page with a seamless look. Take your present wrapping skills to the next level with our 2 sided tape, leaving your gifts looking flawless and your ribbons and bows impeccable. This tape works on nearly every project, from creating your own greeting cards to hanging glowing stars on your children’s ceiling to tacking your quilt together in a pinch.

Office and Work

Double faced tape pulls double duty at home and at work. Use our 2 sided tape to mount your nameplate at the office, create a sophisticated presentation for the boss, or hang up signs and banners. Our wide variety of transfer tapes offers the hold and resistance you need for nearly any task without the bulky, unattractive lines of traditional tape. Whether you’re a traditional office, an online craft business, or a gluten-free baker, our 2 sided tape will help you with every project big or small.