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High Gloss Tuck Top Gift Boxes

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High Gloss Tuck Top Gift Boxes
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A great box at a great price.
Paper Mart sells our own custom made premium one piece box with a deluxe white high gloss finish on the outside and also nice matte white on the inside. You cannot buy a better box at this price. (No Grey or brown inside- No low gloss.). See our high gloss box finish in a close-up here.
Boxes have a tuck top and a lock tab bottom. Boxes are shipped flat. These high quality boxes are specifically made and sold wholesale as "give away" boxes for businesses to use to package items for customers.

NOTE:Length is the widest dimension of the opening into the box. Width is the smallest dimension of the opening into the box. Depth is the distance into the box from the opening to the bottom of the box. See Sizing Diagram.
Customize it
Discount of 15% when you order Over $200 dollars of any combined Stock Gift Box Pages.
Discount of 15% when you order Over $200 dollars of any combined Stock Gift Box Pages.
Enter # of Cases here
4011115Bon Bon2"2"2"200$0.11$0.09$21.58Add Cases
4011120Ornaments3"3"2"100$0.10$0.08$9.91Add Cases
4011140Ornaments3"3"3"100$0.11$0.09$10.61Add Cases
4011170Novelties4"4"2"100$0.14$0.12$13.80Add Cases
4011210Mugs4"4"4"100$0.14$0.12$13.94Add Cases
4011270Salt & Pepper Shaker5"5"3"100$0.17$0.14$16.71Add Cases
4011275Salt & Pepper Shaker5"5"5"100$0.17$0.14$17.00Add Cases
401131/2 lb Candy Box5 1/2"2 3/4"1 5/8"100$0.28$0.23$27.58Add Cases
40112601/2 lb Candy Box6"3"2"100$0.18$0.15$17.99Add Cases
4011280Cup & Saucer6"4 1/2"4 1/2"100$0.20$0.17$19.85Add Cases
4011290Cup & Saucer6"6"4"100$0.24$0.20$23.98Add Cases
4011330Book End6"6"6"100$0.29$0.24$28.74Add Cases
4011370China box7"7"7"100$0.42$0.36$41.97Add Cases
401111 lb Candy Box7 1/8"3 1/4"1 3/4"100$0.28$0.23$27.58Add Cases
401121 1/2 lbs Candy box7 1/4"4 3/8"2 3/8"100$0.36$0.31$35.97Add Cases
4011480Small Plate8"8"3 1/2"100$0.40$0.34$39.57Add Cases
4011510Bowl8"8"6"50$0.44$0.38$22.18Add Cases
4011530Gift8"8"8 1/2"50$0.59$0.50$29.38Add Cases
4011600Stemware9"4 1/2"4 1/2"100$0.25$0.21$25.18Add Cases
4011610Glassware, Casserole9"9"5 1/2"50$0.52$0.44$25.78Add Cases
4011620Pitcher9"9"9"50$0.85$0.72$42.57Add Cases
4011623Gift10"5"4"100$0.33$0.28$33.49Add Cases
4011640Gift10"10"6"50$0.70$0.60$35.00Add Cases
4011700Candle Sticks12"3"3"100$0.32$0.28$32.37Add Cases
4011710Dolls11 3/4"6"6"50$0.50$0.43$25.18Add Cases
4011960Gift14"6"6"50$0.61$0.52$30.58Add Cases
4011977Dress14"14"7 1/2"25$1.65$1.41$41.37Add Cases
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